ONN 32" LCD TV TELEVISION NOT PLASMA OR LED with HDMI, Scart, & VGA in Middlesbrough, Durham for sale

ONN 32

32" LCD 1280 x 768 TV with HDMi 2 x Scart and VGA.
Does not come with a stand will need wall mounting or resting againg something. Doesn't come with a remote either, a cheap universal remote can be bought for just a few pounds.
Apart from that in good condition and perfect working order.
Technical Specifications
Manufacturer: Onn
DVD Player / Recorder: No
DVI Interface: Yes
Electronic Program Guide (EPG): Yes
Energy Savings Trust Feature: No
Frequency: 50/60 Hertz
Full HD: No
HD ready: Yes
HD Tuner: No
HDMI Interface: Yes
Horizontal Resolution in Pixel: 1280
Loudspeakers: with Loudspeakers
Memory Stick: No
Number of Scart Interfaces: 2
PC Interface: Yes
Screen Format: 16:9 / 4:3 / Zoom 1 / Zoom 2 / Panorama
Screen Size in cm: 80 cm
Screen Size in Inches: 32 in
Secure Digital Card: No
Type of Monitor: LCD
Vertical Resolution in Pixel: 768
Casing : H 62.5cm x L 86.5cm x D 10.5cm (29.5cm inc stand)
Electrical Useage : 175W (3w standby)
Recievable TV Channels - VHF-L-E2-S6
1. Different screen settings between
16:9 / 4:3 / Zoom 1 / Zoom 2 / Panorama
2. Tele-text
3. Menu built in on screen,
Allows you to change the settings, being language, channels
(up to 200), Picture settings, Sound, Equalizer, Tuner, PIP / POP
(Picture in picture),
4. User settings - can program your TV remembering the settings
for each user.
5. You can change your programme settings (Auto, PAL, Secam
etc) for each channel.
6. 2 SCART Sockets, RLV Sockets (For camcorders / games
consoles etc), HDMI Socket, DVI Audio socket, VGA Socket, VGA
Audio socket, Video sockets.
7. Individual screen resolutions for different viewings / situations -
Watching Movies, News, Music, News etc / Sunshine, Dull, User,
8. Sleep key - Allows the user to set the TV to come on after
This is a stylish model. Comes with a stand and can be wall mountable if desired.
The set has a Silver casing with an inner Black surround with a stylish 'ONN' symbol in the middle. Below this is a round standby / operational LED circle. This shows if the TV is in either the standby mode (Glows RED) or operational (Glows GREEN). The stand is a sturdy one and is in the matching Silver colour. The loud speakers run along the bottom of the screen horizontally.
It is light weight and manageable to move around with out causing you injury.
This was very simple and I was surprised how easy it was. Basically connect your aerial, the electric cord and switch on. Using the Menu and the built in programming menu I started an automated tuning process. Within minutes the main channels had been programmed. You can then either fine tune each channel or do a manual search on that channel if you think you can get a clearer channel. Once done it stores the settings. Using the Index key on the remote control, you can move the location of the channels and assign a name to them.
Again I connected my scart sockets (one for DVD / Freeview box and one for the video) and that was that. EASY.
Light Weight and the keys are very readable and easy to understand, and has the usual sought of uses that a remote control delivers. The usual TV controlling, tele-text, and screen adjustment all done from one handset. Including the use of colour co-ordinated keys for each use.
A central circular control, up and down keys controls channels, left and right key controls sound and the central key was for the menu/list.
Has the same Silver / Black theme as well.
The speakers, although built in to the casing and look small, they are actually very clear and powerful. Admittedly they would be even better if they had external speakers as well to give that surround sound feel, but they are very good.
This TV is HD ready and has a resolution of 768 mega pixels.
The only thing that I was not happy about was the fact that there is no specific on/off key and the TV can only be placed in standby mode unless you unplug it. To say that we are in an age where the environment is now more important than ever before, I am surprised at this. However I still use the good old electric switch, to sort this problem out.
The other notable problem is the tuning of the channels manually. Most TV's can be programmed using the standard channels names EG. C35, but this TV works by UHF / VHF L/H frequency which can make life harder, but not by much.
The RRP for this item should be £599 but we purchased ours from Asda for £349, which comes with a one year warranty. For this price the quality is brilliant. The sound and picture are very clear and the machine itself could easily stand up to some of it's competitors.
Easy to use and the instruction manual that comes with it is simple enough and has a separate 'Quick start guide' too.
In short you would be mad to turn this baby down without having a look at it. Simplicity at it's best. Well done ASDA..