High Spec i7-3770k Gaming PC in Middlesbrough, Durham for sale

High Spec i7-3770k Gaming PC
High Spec i7-3770k Gaming PC
High Spec i7-3770k Gaming PC
High Spec i7-3770k Gaming PC

High Spec Custom built gaming PC. Built with the highest quality of components. This is a high end i7 gaming pc with potential upgrades that will last you for years...
Full Spec:
CPU - Intel i7-3770k 3.5GHz (3.9GHz Turbo)
One of Intel's flagship i7 processor. 'K' edition unlocked multiplier for overclocking. Currently have it set to 4.4GHz Turbo. Cooled with an Arctic Freezer 13 cooler. Tops about 65c when cpu stress testing and much less with normal everyday use...
Motherboard - MSI Z77A-GD65 Gaming
MSI's flagship gaming motherboard. Supports 2-way SLi / Crossfire. Killer NIC and Creative Sound Blaster Cinema.
RAM - 8Gb (2x4Gb) Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866MHz
Very fast top quality ram. It is extremely important to use only the best ram especially when you are doing any overclocking to ensure maximum stability. Cheap ram will often cause the dreaded 'Blue Screen' BSOD
Graphics - MSI GTX660Ti Power Edition
Excellent custom version by MSI. Factory overclocked. Performs on a par with the GTX670. This card is running the majority of games at the highest of settings. Hitman Absolution on Ultra butter smooth locked at 60fps with v-sync on (84fps average without). Yes of course it will run Skyrim, WOW and Arma 2 on the highest of settings! 2x DVI outputs, HDMI and DisplayPort.
Hard Drives - 100Gb Vertex 2 SSD Boot Drive coupled with large 1Tb Western Digital Blue.
No gaming PC should be without a fast SSD boot drive. This not only gives much faster boot times but makes the overall use of the pc feel much more responsive. A large proven reliable 1Tb hard drive used to store all your games and data on...
Optical Drive - ASUS branded 24x DVD/RW
There are plenty of cheap drives out there... Especially the Samsung and Lite-on ones. Whilst these are great I find it worth a few quid more for the ASUS as its a little quieter!
PSU - Corsair HX1000w Modular Power Supply
A extremely important component, often over looked, especially if future upgrades are planned. This PSU is an absolute beast! This current set up is nowhere near a match for this psu. With 6x pci express connectors this can potentially run 3 graphics cards. All modular cables are present. Ready to add a SECOND GTX660Ti when you want even more graphics power!
Case - Thermaltake Urban S31
Urban S31 mainstream mid-tower, categorized in Thermaltake latest chassis collection – Urban Series. The entire series has a simple and elegant aesthetic, design for users who looks for everything but a flamboyantly appearance. Built with brushed aluminium finish front door panel to mask the extrusive drive devices, not only unify the appearance, but also provide a simple yet sophisticate aesthetic. The perforated front-top panel has implemented two of latest data transfer SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports along with two USB 2.0 ports, a HD microphone and headset jacks, to grand direct access when needed.
Other Notes:
Will have a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit along with all updates, MS Office 2007 Professional and Cyberlink PowerDVD 11 Ultra.
For those interested in the WEI the scores are as follows:
CPU - 7.8
RAM - 7.9
Aero - 7.9
Gaming - 7.9
Hard Drive - 7.7
The price is for the tower only. I will however through in a keyboard and mouse. It can connect straight to a TV with HDMI inputs.
FOR AN ADDITIONAL £80 I CAN INCLUDE A 23inch HP x2301 MONITOR - These are selling on Amazon for £160!
Any viewings welcome. Any questions please just ask!